Inches ( 1979 ) [ Bijou Classics ]

Released: 1979
Filmed in: US
Genre: Anal, Oral, Daddies / Men, Beards, Hairy, Pre-Condom Era
Length: 01:09:07
Starring: Al Parker, Bob Blount, Buck Stevens, Steve Taylor, Max O’Sinsky, Carl Royce, David Sexon, Joe Roberts, Joe Shaunessy, Dan Noble, Greg Shaw
Directed by: Steve Scott
Productor: Bijou Classics
Description: This is a fairly intelligent love story by director Steve Scott about believable contemporary lovers. Al Parker (as up and coming photographer Doug) decides to learn more about the swinging life and unknown sexual practices after his lover (Steve Taylor, his real-life lover) walks out on him.
The story opens with a tension-creating segment as Parker awakens from a dream, only to tie up his cock and balls and unload himself, while Taylor soaps up in the shower and does his own thing. Taylor leaves for a working trip; he returns at the end of the day feeling dead tired, but not too tired to get his ass licked by Parker or have it filled with hard meat…

File size: 454.6 MB

This movie is free to download: Inches ( 1979 ) [ Bijou Classics ]

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