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Latin Jocks – Aguiar

This boy has pouty lips, a hot body and a beautiful butt just begging to get fucked. After a 2 year hiatus, sexy. Aguiar is back!

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Ace De Carlo-Photo Set

Ace De Carlo-Photo Set

I was looking at a workshop for possible usage in an upcoming video when I heard an individual shout ‘activity’. I figured they were shooting something and figured I would certainly slip a peek. Ends up it was a student movie and the supervisor, Ace DeCarlo, was a buddy of the person that had the studio. While I was glancing I could view two individuals sharing a kiss. They were nice looking guys yet I found myself looking at the supervisor. He had really striking functions, and his tight t-shirt uncovered a remarkable body. His t-shirt was so tight I could possibly nearly make out the summary of his pecs and his nips were poking through. He was undoubtedly emotionally purchased this project due to the fact that while the people were kissing he had a substantial bulge in his trousers, which I was later to learn was a really great looking cock, and he looked on his face like he was really feeling every square inch of tongue his stars were delighting in. If he were the one being kissed and he appeared to be routing their physical bodies by moving his own, he would move his physical body around as. After a couple of moments I lost total interest in the two stars and acquired shed in enjoying this director.

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Kenny Cole Photos

Kenny Cole Photos

Beautiful collection of photos from a gay guy named Kenny Cole. Download and enjoy!
Production: 2013

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